Thank you to Shirley Muhleisen for showing Surfer so beautifully and achieving this CFA Regional Award!

GC Visions Safari of A Love4Paws

Brown Tabby Exotic Male

GC, RW Laurenden Dawson of Grovewood

Blue Tabby Exotic Male. Thanks to Danielle
for trusting us with Dawson!

GC Grovewood Strawberry Shortcake

Thank you Danielle for this beautiful girl!

GC Fancyfriends Lalique Frosted

Blue Cream Point Himalayan. Bred by Wendi Steinman.
Owned by Dianna Zintgraff of Purrzinpaws Cattery.

GRC Fancyfriends Heart of Gold

Cream Point Himalayan Male. Bred and owned by Wendi Steinman.

GP Fancyfriends Maliblu

Blue patched tabby persian female. Bred by Wendi Steinman. Owned by Wendi Steinman and Vicki Healty.

GRC Fancyfriends Mango of Caliper

Flame point Himalayan female. Bred by Wendi Steinman. Owned by Karen Stone.

GRC Fancyfriends Kimbu Ice of Snowdrift

Blue Point Himalayan Male. Bred by Wendi Steinman.


Wendi Steinman