Harley is a black and white bicolor exotic short hair male.
Born 8/26/2022

We were going to keep Harley but decided we cannot keep another boy. so someone will be very lucky to have him

Harley is very adorable, sweet and laid back.
Available as a companion or a tiny breeding program
$2900 as a companion or $3400 with breeding rights




Carly is a beautiful brown classic tabby exotic short hair female
Born 4/20/2021
She has such an amazing coat !!!
Available as a companion or a tiny breeding program
$2000 as a pet or $2500 for breeding




Pierre is a very sweet chinchilla exotic shorthair male
Born 8/20/2022
Pierre has giant beautiful eyes. He is very mellow and trusting.
He is available to a forever indoor pet home



Cali is a 5 year old beautiful calico exotic short hair female
She loves people but needs to be the only cat…
she doesn’t like other female cats.
She will make the perfect bed pet – she gives a lot of kitty love.
$1000 (retired from breeding)



Halo is an angelic little silver tabby long hair exotic
Born 8/26/2022
|She is so sweet and innocent looking – such a mellow little girl
She will be the perfect family pet



Hanna is a very beautiful black exotic short hair female
Born 8/26/2022
She is perfect as a companion or if you’re looking to show
$2500 as a pet or $3000 with breeding rights



Layla is s silver female exotic short hair
Born 4/20/2022
Layla is a small, short little girl
She is beautiful, sweet and has really big, beautiful eyes
Perfect for any indoor, loving, forever pet home



Wendi Steinman