Original Watercolors by Wendi
Available as prints, note cards, etc.




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Mermaid with Starfish Queen Cat with Seahorse1 3 Mermaids Cat Basking Queen Cat with Seahorse2 Mermaid #1
Joy Mermaids Swimming Queen Cat with Fish Mermaid #2 Mermaid #3 Mermaid #4
Barcelona Street Scene Purple Water Lillies Cat Surprise Cafe Lovebug Friends Forever
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Trop Bright Flowers Tropical Beach Abstract Bull Bright City Scene Sensation with Mom Marilyn
Rainbow Birch 1 Our Yard in Key West Peacocks In Spain Sunflowers Sunflower Girl
Klimit A Kiss Revealed Memory of Carol Tropical Flowers Orange Fish Jellyfish Indian Girl
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Before the Storm Bird Bright Egrets Butterfly on Blue Corona del Mar Dragonfly
Water Lillies Alaska Scape Beach Front Community Cat on Bed Diva and Friend Mesa
A Colorful Callas Goldie Green Buffalo Bamboo Forest Plumerias A Woman from Back
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Kittie with Fish Neon Butterflies Palms Pointy Mountains Roses 1 Roses 2
Shells Squid Still Life Flower & Fruit Still Life Fruit Tropical Bright Mountains Tropical Fish
Tropical Flowers Tropical Hammock Venus 2 Plumerias 2 Palms in the Mist Bunny
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Tropical Sunset 2 African Sunset Giraffes Multi-Media Bright Pairs Angel Boy Drinking Coconut
Kittens Playing Montage Seascape Montage Seascape 2 Rainbow Birch Full 7' Banner Cardiff Fair Happy Cat