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Good evening Wendi
Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada.  As I think about the things I am thankful for, I am very thankful I found you and Fancy Friends, and hence found my cute, adorable, funny, loving, lovable, little Holy Terror!  So thank you!!!


Hi Wendi - Just wanted to tell you how much I am thankful to you for "Red Panda" who is Elvis now. As ex-breeder and as a person who showed cats I want to really thank you. Elvis is the first kitten whom I got totally healthy. There is a lot to say about that.  Even my husband who is just a cat lover could recognize how lucky we are with Elvis in respect of his GENETICS (100% of credit goes to you, Wendi).

If I start to write what we love so much about Elvis, it would take many, many pages. So I won't :). I will only say that he is our joy and we all love him to pieces. And his personality is incredible - in my best dreams I wouldn't dreamed of the one he has. Once again, thank you very much from all my heart for him! - Tatyana 

Hi Wendi! This is Sun Spirit's picture. I just want to say thank you for introducing this little guy to me:)))) He is healthy & purring a lot! Simin