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Chocolate point exotic male kitten
Co-owned with Maggy Lombardi at alove4paws
Her name is "Keeper".

CH Fancyfriends Lilic Frost. Lilac Point Himalayan Male

CH Fancyfriends Ghiradelli. Chocolate Point Female. Not available for sale.


LEFT: Champion Fancyfriends Dateline. Seal lynx point exotic male carrying chocolate & lilac. Sold. 
RIGHT: Champion Fancyfriends Snowflake. Seal lynx point exotic female carrying chocolate & lilac.

Frosty & Snowflake

Fancyfriends Princess Fairyfeather. Teacup exotic seal lynx point female.

Fancyfriends Purple Passion. Lilac point himalayan female.

Fancyfriends My Lips Are Sealed (Sealie). Seal point himi female carrying chocolate.

CH Jude Savoy Truffle of Fancyfriends. Lilac Point Himalayan Male. PKD Negative.

Inrvision Lalique of Fancyfriends. Lilac Point Himalayan Female. Thank you so much Judy Harper from Jude Persians for this wonderful girl. She is beautiful and sweet.

fancyfriends chocolate truffle- chocolate point himalayan female

Fancyfriends Beyond Paradise-seal point exotic male carrying lilac and chocolate

Fancyfriends Sir Lancelot
PKD Negative. Chocolate point himalayan male.
Born 9/16/06.
Out of Fancyfriends My Lips are Sealed by GC Darling Purs Camelot