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Laguna Beach, California

Fancyfriends is a small cattery in Laguna Beach, California;  a laid back beach community known as the "California Riveria".

We are registered with both CFA and TICA. When we show, we do so mostly in our own region, as our kitties are our family and we don't like to leave them overnight.

Our goal is to breed healthy cats with beautiful, sweet, open expressions and nice, short cobby bodies. Fancyfriends kitties are know to have loving dispositions and make wonderful pets as well as show cats.

Breeding our himalayans and exotics has fulfilled our dreams of having a "loving family". Our cats have brought us and others so much love and joy. This is the way we are able to "send love out into the world" when our planet needs it the most.

The showing of our cats has been a real blessing, as it has brought some of our closest friends into our lives.

We hope you enjoy your visit into the Fancyfriends World of Himalayans & Exotics.


Wendi Steinman